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E-mail Vehicle Services: Driver Services: Phone Hearing Impaired (TDD/TTY): 651-282-6555 Office Locations: 651-297-2005 Metro Impound Lots: 612-673-5777 (Minneapolis) 651-292-6005 (St. Paul) Driver Services Driver's License: 651-297-3298 Commercial Driver's License: 651-297-5029 Commercial DL Disqualification: 651-297-3377 Disability Parking: 651-284-2000 Driver's License Status: 651-201-7626 (licensed instructors, schools, third party testers) Driver Education: 651-296-2025 (work permits, violations, limited/revoked/suspended/canceled privileges) Driver Evaluation: 651-296-2035 (payment of fines, questions related to fines on driving record) Implied Consent Violation: 651-296-2035 Investigations: 651-296-2023 (court ordered expungement, disputation of conviction) Records: 651-296-2940 (Information on how to obtain driving, motor vehicle, and crash records) Refunds: 651-296-0118 Schedule Road Test: 651-284-1000 Vehicle Services Motor Vehicle: 651-297-2126 (Transfer of vehicle ownership, titles, liens, vehicle registration) Disability Parking: 651-297-3377 (disability parking permit/hangtags and license plates) Special License Plates: 651-205-4141 (Motor carriers, commercial vehicles, interstate registration, IRP/IFTA) Impounded Plates: 651-297-3166 (Veteran, collegiate, personalized, collector, etc.) Violations: 651-297-5034 (Law enforcement removed plates, sometimes referred to as Wx plates) 651-296-3844 (Trucks with gross weight and/or axle weight violations) 651-296-2977 (How to become a licensed Minnesota dealer, file a dealer complaint) 651-296-2940 (Information on how to obtain driving, motor vehicle, and crash records)
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